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10 Tricks To Get Your Hair In Perfect Conditions

The fact that the hair is always in perfect condition is something that causes for many all kinds of delays or complications in daily life, why should it be? Well, it turns out that society always urges that the individual is always well groomed and presentable, and that clearly implies that the hair has to be in perfect condition.


Next in this article you will be informed of the tricks that you have to take into account to apply to have a hair in perfect condition.


  1. Try to perform daily (whether you have time or not) a light massage with your fingertips running all over your scalp, you have to do it in a circular, so that there is a better circulation.
  2. You should avoid or reduce the consumption of coffee, always choose to consume water, so that the body and therefore the scalp will be properly hydrated. It is advisable to drink two liters of water daily for proper hydration.
  3. You need increase the consumption of vitamin A, because the hair will grow strong and healthy, What foods contain vitamin A? some examples are: egg, cheese, liver, among others.
  4. Avoid combing extremely tight hairstyles or even using a hair garter. The more you free your hair, the better, for perfect oxygenation.
  5. Start to have and maintain a healthy diet, vitamins and proteins are important whole to have a strong and healthy hair, always eat fruits and vegetables, is essential, and instead of a succulent meat on the grill, it is advisable to eat fish, as it contains magnesium, as it will strengthen your hair even more.
  6. Don't wash your hair too often, limit it to a couple of times a week. (If your hair is greasy three or four times)
  7. One thing to keep in mind is to constantly brush your hair, you must brush your hair very carefully. It is recommended that the brush has vegetable bristles.
  8. A frequent but essential one, you should always try to rest 8 hours a day. Your body will thank you, especially your hair.
  9. If you are sweet tooth for sweets and specially love salty snacks, think about it, you should reduce your level of consumption of these two elements that although essential for our food too much would cause negative effects for the strengthening and health of your hair.
  10. Always keep this in mind, make a mask for your scalp for hydration and rejuvenation. Your hair after applying the mask will be radiant and silky, that will make your hair look in perfect conditions.


At the end of the day, with these tricks you will be sure that your hair will be in perfect condition, and will be beneficial in the long term, because in the aesthetic side of things, hair has always been something that has been highlighted, since the very beginning until today, the fact that your hair is in perfect condition will speak wonders of you to the eyes of others.

You Will Avoid Hair Loss With These Simple Tips

Hair loss for both men and women is something that occurs due to a variety of factors, the most notorious are: genetics, food and habits. Many feel frustrated and suffer from very low self-esteem because of it.  And it is not hard to understand why, not only due to the aesthetic factor, but also to the health factor, since hair loss leads to indicate a minor or  a serious health problem.


According to multiple specialists, daily one loses about 50 or 100 hairs per day. But a clear excess of that figure in terms of hair loss is certainly something to be feared, you will read below how you can prepare beforehand and thus avoid the loss of your hair.


Your hair deserves time

"Time is worth gold," says the saying, how much more for your hair too. The way you wash your hair will affect how your hair is maintained, if you wash your hair with great haste and strength is obvious that your hair is going to be in a terrible condition that is conducive to your hair loss. But, if you wash with love and care, your hair will be more than grateful because it will be not only very clean, but also very strong and healthy.


A recommended bathing routine is that you always wash with a champoo first and then move to the conditioner, of course this first has to make sure to bathe in cold water. Massage the hair before and after the hair wash, and when you are going to dry it, do not rub it hard with a towel, just leave it on your head to absorb the water.


No more ponytails!

Everyone decides how to comb their own hair, but combing hair to use ponytail, can cause hair to become very tight, that damages the internal structure of the hair which causes the ends to open and the hair presents a brittle appearance over time. (That without forgetting that it will also cause its gradual loss)


Lentils, or all kinds of grains, yum!

It depends on whether you like lentils or not, lentils are undoubtedly an important and essential food to maintain a healthy diet for a healthy body which will impact favorably on your hair. You are not going to get hair loss.


Inverted posture

Something curious that you can apply and that will bring good benefits for your hair and prevent its fall is that you should put yourself in a position where your head is below your body. The posture is easy to do, you can lie down leaning on your own or using a gym machine. Do it daily for ten minutes. (Don't ever do it during menstruation and pregnancy)


Apply a natural massage

A natural massage would greatly benefit your hair and prevent it from being lost. Massaging your scalp with a natural component would make the blood flow increase the strength of your scalp. But what natural components would help? Mint and cinnamon. Both are a kind of dynamic duo with opposite properties, but equally stimulating, the mint is the freshness, and the cinnamon is the heat.


Use it in small doses with a moisturizing base, you will feel in your hair a cold-effect that will make your hair stronger and healthier, and that is for the better, because you won’t have hair loss at all.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Stronger And Healthy

Many undoubtedly want to look good, and that is why it is important that many of us want to have a strong and beautiful hair that is to our liking as well as for others. The hair as well as the rest of our body must be the object of constant attention, since there are many factors that can damage and weaken it.


You have to make one thing clear, washing hair often does good, but it is not enough, it takes more, much more, and if you want to have a strong and healthy hair, this article will suit you very well. If you follow these simple tips and begin to implement them in your day to day, you will achieve in a short time a strong and healthy hair that will make you brag to others.


Eating a healthy diet

First of all, a healthy diet will work wonders not only on your body but also on your hair. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will provide you with the nutrients necessary for your hair to be strong and healthy. Also include milk, which contains calcium will make your hair strong and healthy, a drink that from now on will be a vital and unavoidable ally in your daily diet. (Do not forget any type of fish, contains magnesium, your scalp will thank you).


Quitting or minimizing alcohol consumption and not smoking

Not only will you have a careless hair and an atrocious hangover after drinking too much at a party, but also your hair will be terribly affected as this affects your hair and increases your hair loss. As for smoking, nicotine is bad, bad for your health as well as for your hair, and causes the same effect as consuming alcohol excessively, increases hair loss while dehydrating your hair.


Beware of the Sun

Constant exposure to the sun causes the hair to dry out, the hair then loses its strength, shine, and health. Avoid or at least minimize the amount of time you spend in the sun, or try to protect yourself with a beautiful hat that you like.


No blow-dryers, flat irons and hair straighteners

They are useful, but constant use will eventually cause adverse effects on your hair, the most notorious of which is that your hair weakens. With the hair weakening what will happen is that the ends are opened more and more slowing down the growth of your hair and contributing to make the hair look dry.


Beware when bathing

What water do you like to bathe in? Hot or cold?  Well, depending on what your answer is, you'll find out if you've been doing right or wrong for your hair. Many like hot water, but hot water for their hair is a deadly weapon. Hot water causes your scalp to weaken and your hair to dry out. On the other hand, cold water, if it will do your hair good, seals the cuticles, which makes your hair look shiny and silky. In other words make it look strong and healthy.